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Zig Ziglar Human Design Astrology

Zig Ziglar Human Design AstrologyZig Ziglar was an inspiration to the world and was known for being and amazing motivational speaker.  His motto was “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.”  This is perfect for his design.  His conscious Sun was in the gate 19.6.  He was a 6 line profile and 6 line profiles are designed to be Role Models.  He was an amazing role model for others to learn to go after what they really want in life.  The gate 19 is traditionally called the gate of wanting.  His Sun was also in the 6th house, which has a lot to do with career goals.  And she shined in this area of his life.  He knew what he wanted and helped others get what they wanted, which in turn gave him a wonderful life.  He wrote a great book Goals: How to Get the Most Out of Your Life.

Zig Ziglar Human Design AstrologyHis unconscious Sun was in gate 1.2.  This is the gate for unique self-expression.  He helped others express what they really wanted out of life.  His conscious Earth was in the gate 33.6, so he probably had more happen in one day than most people have in a month and probably enjoyed his privacy.  His unconscious Earth and his conscious Venus were in the gate 2.  This is the gate of unique direction and helped others find the direction they were seeking in life.  His North Node was in the gate 45.6 which is the gate of the king or a leader and he was the leader in motivational speaking for his time.  He had his south Node in gate 26.6.  This is the gate for sales and he was definitely able to sell himself, his beliefs and products.  He wrote a great book on sales called, “Secrets of Closing the Sale.”  This is also the gate of integrity and he lived out of integrity.  He was a wonderful example of someone living their design.  His conscious Mercury was in the gate 60.2.  This is the gate of acceptance or limitation.  He taught others to transcend limitations in life and create the life they truly desire.  He had his conscious Venus in gate 61.6 in the 5th house.  The gate 61 is the gate of mystery and appeal.  He loved to keep people in the mystery of what is possible.  His conscious Saturn was in the gate 55.5.  This is the gate for the love of spirit and he really enjoy helping others trust they could get what they wanted.  The gate 55 is also the energy of someone who likes to collect and hold on to things, so I would imagine he had a lot of belongings.  His unconscious South Node was in the gate 11.1.  This is the gate of ideas.  I am sure he had a lot of ideas, so many ideas he couldn’t possibly do them all.  He had his unconscious North Node in the gate 12.1.  This is the gate of the wordsmith and he sure was wonderful with his words.  He knew just the right way to say things.  He also had his unconscious Mars in the gate 59.1.  This is the gate of sexuality.  People with this energy can be quite the salespeople, they can seduce you just by their presence.  I am sure this helped him in his career.  His unconscious Saturn was in the gate 30.5.  This is the gate of desire.  I am sure he was a busy man achieving all his desires and helping others follow their hearts true desire.  He was a true inspiration to the world.

Zig ZiglarMy husband met Zig Zigar back in 2006 at one of his conferences and learned so much.  He motivated him to create the life he really wanted.  My husband tripled his income, he expanded his business, met me (Victoria Bagnell) and we created an amazing life.  He has been a huge inspiration in my life.

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