Camel Pose Camel Pose also known as “Ustrasana” (U stra asana) is a great pose for cyclist. When cycling, we are usually leaning or hunched forward. At the end of the ride, our backs are definitely ‘talking’’ to us. This pose opens the front of the body consisting of the
Sphinx Pose Sphinx Pose opens the chest, psoas, and abdomen and releases the tension in the lower back. This can be a modified version of a Cobra Pose that I demonstrated earlier this year. The Sphinx Pose pose helps to improve the health of your skin and immune system. Psychologically,
Warrior I Warrior I also “Virabhadrasana” I (Virab hadra asana) develops strength, stability and stamina in the entire body. It increases flexibility in the front groins, hips, back and shoulders. How to do the Warrior I Pose Standing in Mountain pose at the top of the mat, center yourself with
Boat Pose Navasana
Boat Pose The Boat Pose strengthens the hip flexors, abdomen, spine, and also encourages the kidneys, thyroid gland, intestines and prostate glands activity. This poses helps relieve stress and improves digestion. How to do the Boat Pose Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you in
Table Top Pose The Table top pose relieves tension in the spine. This pose strengthens wrists, arms and shoulders. It stretches and realigns the spine and strengthens the back muscles. Table Top pose is mostly used as a starting or transition pose. Some transition poses that use this pose are
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