Which Love Language Are You?

5 love languages

5 love languagesDo you know which love language you are?  Take the 5 Love Languages Quiz by Gary Chapman and purchase the 5 Love Languages book to learn more.  This information is very helpful in understanding your relationships and allowing yourself to truly love yourself.  Human Design and Astrology can also be helpful tools, but first, it is helpful to see which way you give and receive love.

Physical Touch

Do you like physical touch?  Do you like things that make your body feel good?  Massages, spa days, skincare, and routines are good for you.  Surround yourself with comfort, such as soft blankets, a cushy couch, and take Epsom salt baths.  Physical activity, such as yoga and swimming are also great for people who have the love language of physical touch.

Acts of Service

Do you like to do things for others and have others do nice things for you?  If this is your love language, it is best to plan things you enjoy doing.  Some great things to do with this love language are going to therapy, get a Human Design reading, do things for others out of the kindness of your heart, clean, delegate chores and go out.  You might even want to purchase a chores chart to mark off what you have done and what others have done to remind you that you are loved.

Gift Giving

Do you like giving and receiving gifts?  Treat yourself every now and then by purchasing yourself things that make you happy.  You are worth investing in. Remember to buy a little something for the ones you love.  Buy yourself something small, you deserve it.

Quality Time

If your love language is quality time, make sure to spend time alone doing something you love and spend time with others you love.  Do things you love.  Find a hobby that brings you joy.  Meditation, painting, and pampering yourself are great for someone with this love language.  Buy yourself some Epsom salt and a good meditation, take a nice long hot bath and enjoy yourself.

Words of Affirmation

Is your love language Words of Affirmation?  If so, what others say to you can impact you in a big way.  Make sure to put yourself around people that encourage and inspire you.  Reading self-help books can always be uplifting if you don’t have people in your life that encourage and support you.  Gratitude Diaries and The Law of Attraction are two great books that will encourage you to manifest the life that you truly desire.  Also, check out the Self Love Workbook.  Meditations are also a great way to inspire yourself.  HeadSpace and Calm have wonderful meditations.  Remember your words are powerful, make them beautiful.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Patreon. We put out inspirational quotes.

Make sure to check out the Self Love for the Seasons articles as we transit through the astrological signs to learn ways you can show and give love through the year.  You can also use the 5 Love Languages Tarot spread to expand on your love language and learn ways you can improve your love life and self-love through the use of tarot.

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