HeartMath Meditation

HeartMath Technique

HeartMath Meditation

The HeartMath Meditation technique and products are used to improve the psychophysiological response to stress and emotions.  The phone and computer application shows your heart coherence and the connections between the heart and the brain.  Over time improving your heart coherence can improve your memory, problem-solving and overall emotional health and happiness.  When you live from your heart and you follow your heart’s true desires you are in heart coherence.  When you follow your heart you are living your life purpose.  This can improve your overall health and happiness.  The application and device can be used to help you see how well you are in heart coherence.

How do I get into heart coherence?

The main goal is to get into a very relaxed state and envision your goals, dreams, and or past events that brought you much joy and happiness.  When you are envisioning the things you love your heart is happy, your body is happy and when you are at ease, joyful and peaceful your body responds in a positive way.

What your heart wants affects your brain and body.  When you are in a positive emotional state your heart rhythm is in coherence.  When you are in a high emotional state and very stressed your heart rhythm is erratic.  This affects your thinking, learning and overall success and health.

When you are constantly stressed this affects your health and when you are in heart coherence your stress levels reduce and your health can improve.

Inner Balance Application and Products

HeartMath Technique

The HeartMath Institute has an iPhone and Android application called Inner Balance.  They sell a wired device for the iPhone and Bluetooth version of the product that is used with the application to monitor your heart coherence.  They also sell a version you can use on Windows or Mac called emWave.  If your purchase the emWave you might want to purchase the finger sensor.

I like the use the phone application and Bluetooth device because it is portable.

Below is a picture of what you see when you first open the application.  You can connect the Bluetooth device by pressing the button on the device and pushing the play button on the application.  You need to make sure you have Bluetooth turned on on your phone if you purchase the Bluetooth version.

HeartMath Technique

To the right is an example of what you will see after you have finished a session.  You can see this by clicking “Review” and selecting the last session.  The application has 4 different levels.  This image was taken from a session that was Level 2.  You can go into settings and scroll down a little bit and you can see that it has a challenge level.  You can select what level you would like to use.  In the Settings, you can also add a soundtrack if there is a meditation you would like to listen to while you are practicing.  You can also change the volume and more.

To learn more about meditation techniques check out our article on meditation.

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