Trust and Let Go

Trust and Let Go

You have read about or heard about these things in books or on the internet?


Law of Attraction…


It is all about bringing into your life what you want and it feels like a gazillion of coaches make a living teaching you how to do it.

But is there any merit to it? Does any of the stuff you hear or hear actually have a substance?

In short, can you manifest happiness or money or whatever you desire?

Well. Here is my story from the not-so-far-away part.

Trust and Let GoI had to pay 10.000 Euros on the grounds of a lawsuit that I had lost while losing an inheritance of 150k in the process. In addition, I incurred another 15.000 Euros of debts by helping a friend. Then on my way home from work my car broke down. It turned out it was beyond repair, jeopardizing my job and income and my job.

Needless to say, I was in despair. So I turned to the tarot cards and the runes for advice and help. The Tarot showed me the same cards over and over again: Seven of Swords, Eight of Swords, Nine of Swords, – lies, delusions, overthinking, going in circles, nightmares. These themes were shoved in my face time and again, adding only to that gut-wrenching, throat-tightening feeling of being lost and damned.

The runes showed me Sowilo over and over again, the sun rune, the guide, the navigator that leads you to where you belong.

It all felt like a cruel joke, and I was screaming and yelling and crying too, seeking an answer to why I deserved this. Like all the very practical and worldly disasters were not enough some uncaring, unseen force seems to laugh loudly at my expense. It took a lot of despair, screaming, and kicking until the nickel finally dropped.

I had been acting from my head and my ratio and much worse from my ego all the time.  I have been pushing, hustling, forcing, and pushing more to advance the agenda that I wanted to have because I wanted it. I was trying to enforce my will on the world around me or to introduce the terms I will use for the rest of this blog – I was trying to bend the universe to my will. I had tried to force creation to do what I wanted. Because my ego thought it was right and good and should be that way.


Absolutely futile and stupid you say? Then you are smarter than I was to see the obvious.

But that is normal. That’s what we all do, push and hustle to get things our way, you say? Then you are in the line of thought that I was. And maybe you are in for a surprise too.  I surely was when it dawned on m that I had been my own worst enemy.

The sword cards and the Sowilo rune joined forces with the Daoist teachings I had picked up during my martial arts study but never really thought through. They became strange bedfellows, strange but invaluably helpful and comforting.  Two concepts emerged from this strange spiritual union and became my lifesavers, rescuing not only my material existence but also my soul and sanity.  They picked me up from the pits of despair, dried my tears, and set not only my head but much more importantly my heart and my soul straight.

The first concept is called Wu Wei. It is an ancient idea from Chinese Daoism and it means in a nutshell that you do without force. You are not being lazy or indifferent. You still do things but you go with the natural flow of the universe, doing what feels right and creates the least internal and external resistance. You are being efficient, not lazy. You ride the wave like a surfer instead of trying to break it like a cliff in the water.

In the words of Bruce Lee: You are like water, flowing around obstacles and following a natural path rather than trying to be a river that attempts to flow uphill. Actually, I´m doing this again as I write this because I divert from my sketch notes and write what comes from my heart to my hands. Back to my story, instead of trying to be Mister Know-It-All-(Better) I handed the steering wheel to the universe and let it steer the bus while I did my best and adapted to the changing situation and to new opportunities as I moved on. I still did what I could to improve my situation but I stopped being a control freak. I stopped being hell-bent to get things my way and my way only.

That led to the second concept which is:


I came to trust that the universe (God, Higher Intelligence, Fate, Karma… insert a term you like) will take care of my needs and will take care of me because I am a child of the universe. This was a f**ling difficult lesson for me to learn! But once learned I came to refer to this almighty and all-encompassing universe as Mother Universe and that is exactly what I got – a cosmic mother who took care of me better than I could ever imagine

My employer showed understanding of my situation and gave me time to regroup. The money came in apparently out of nowhere and literally overnight that I had already written off (literally and figuratively speaking. I could pay down half of my debts and consolidate the rest into a more favorable package deal with a bank. A car was practically thrust into my face, a used car with mileage but a good one anyway. I started to manifest like crazy and it was almost effortless in the sense that I did not have to push for anything just size the opportunities that arose. It was very, very different from all the toil and labor before that had only led to a blood-pumping, heart-racing panic, and constant material loss.

The cards changed too. No more gloomy swords and nightmare cards, no entrapment in my own thoughts. The Empress, Six of Cups, Nine of Cups, and Three of Cups showed up. The universe was offering joy, abundance, and play with them. And finally, it dawned on me. It had all been up for the taking all the time. I just had rejected all the offerings without even realizing it because I had pushed instead of trusted.

To this day I find myself in situations where I´m tempted to be a control freak and get things my way. But now I´m aware of that bear trap. Then I take a step back, take a deep breath, let go and tell Mother Universe: “I am your child and you will take care of my needs.” By now I truly believe it and feel it in my heart and it works.

It usually works within a few hours and for smaller things even within a few minutes or moments. My spiritual work has greatly benefitted from it too and that creates yet another positive uplifting spiral.

My Mother Universe I love you as much as I love my worldly mother. You are both blessings beyond measure.

Let go and trust.

The universal force will take you by your hand and lead you to your personal paradise, one step at a time with each quantum of trust and letting-go you offer.   And if you find a serpent in your Garden Eden, please remember: it could be the Earth Goddess herself offering you golden apples just because she can.

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