Tarot – Wheel of Fortune Card

Tarot Wheel of Fortune

Tarot Wheel of FortuneIn the Wheel of Fortune tarot card, you see a giant wheel with the Hebrew letters Y H V H, which translates to God.  The elements represent fire (Y), water and Earth (H), and V (air).   The letters on the wheel can spell Tarot, Taro, Rota, Taro, Orat, Tora, or Ator.  This is related to the Law of Hathor.  The symbols in the middle represent mercury, sulfur, water, and salt.

The sphinx sits on top of the wheel with a sword representing unity and strength.  The God Anubis represents the ups and downs of life and the ups and downs in faith.  The Snake represents Typhon the God of destruction.

In the corners, you see 4 angels with books.  The books represent learning from experience.  The angel at the top represents Aquarius.  The Eagle represents Scorpio.  The Bull represents Taurus and the Lion represents Leo.  Below you can find the Wheel of Fortune tarot card meanings for upright and reverse.

Wheel of Fortune

  • Good luck
  • Life Cycles
  • Turning point

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