Tarot – The Empress Card

The Empress-Tarot card meaning

Empress TarotIn the Empress tarot card, you see a woman who seems very relaxed and peaceful.  She is wearing a gown with flowers on it which can represent blooming or growing something.  This card can imply pregnancy or giving birth to something.  She is wearing a crown with 11 stars on it which can represent the 11 main planets used in astrology.  The Sun, Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  You can see a heart with the symbol of Venus on it, which represents what you value and love.  The heart that the Venus symbol is on is stone, which can represent being more egotistical or feeling a lack of love.  The grain in front of her can represent reaping the benefits of what she has grown.  The waterfall beside the lady in the Empress tarot card can represent free-flowing emotions and connection with the universe.  Below you can find the Empress tarot card meanings for upright and reverse.


  • Abundance
  • Beauty
  • Nature

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