Tarot – Seven of Cups

Seven-of Cups Tarot

Seven of Cups TarotIn the Seven of Cups tarot card, you see a man with shadows that make him dark looking at seven cups filled with many different gifts or possibilities.  The black shadows represent things from the past that have been stopping you from making a decision or reaching your goals.

There are 7 cups.  One cup represents jewels and riches.  Another cup has a skull and laurels with a skill.  This represents victory and ending.  One cup has a dragon in it.  The dragon represents good luck and power.  Another cup has a head in it.  The head represents beauty and youth and self-acceptance.  Another cup has a snake in it.  The snake can represent transformation and wisdom.  Another cup has a figure covered up which can represent the unknown.  Another Cup has a castle in it.  The castle can represent home, security and safety.  All of the items in the cups can represent multiple things.  The cloud can represent, an illusion, awaiting opportunities, wishes or dreams.

Seven of Cups

  • Opportunites
  • Choices
  • Wishes

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