Tarot Card Meanings

You can see a tarot card list in order if you would like to find a specific tarot card here or look through all the tarot card meanings below.  Also, check out the tarot card spreads to learn new ways to use the tarot cards.

Tarot is made up of a deck of 78 cards, which have pictures on them, that include symbolism and can tell a story.

There are 22 Major Arcana cards.  The Major Arcana cards often represent the deeper spiritual and life lessons.  They can be useful in bringing more self-awareness and understanding.

There are 56 Minor Arcana cards that can help bring awareness to situations that are happening on a daily basis.

The Minor Arcana cards include 16 Tarot Court Cards and they represent 16 different personalities and characteristics.

The Minor Arcana includes 40 numbered cards which are broken down into 4 Suits.  The 4 Suits are the Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. There are 10 cards in each Suit. These Suit cards represent situations that happen on a daily basis.

The Tarot card meanings can help you create a story when you use your intuition and help you see what your heart truly desires.  It can help us see what lessons we need to learn and help us manifest a life that is more in alignment with our desires.  They can help you tap into your unconscious desires, beliefs and can help you see what is holding you back or help you make a decision.  Tarot is a tool to help you gain more insight into what is already within yourself.

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High-Priestess-Tarot card meaning
In the High Priestess tarot card, you see a lady wearing a blue robe with a cross on her chest holding the Torah.  which symbolizes her connection with spirit, God, and her religion.  The crescent moon represents intuition and the subconscious mind.  It is also connected to the cycles of the moon. Columns (B) stand for Beelzebub (the Devil) and (J) for Yahweh (God). It is meant to imply to enter you need to accept
Tarot - The Magician Card meanings
The Magician Tarot card meanings The Magician tarot card is seen to the left.  The number one represents new beginnings and opportunities and the Magician tarot card is number 1 in the tarot deck. The man in the card can symbolize a connection between heaven and Earth. He teaches that we can manifest our goals with the tools we have in front of us. The tools he shows on the table are the cup, pentacle,
The Empress-Tarot card meaning
In the Empress tarot card, you see a woman who seems very relaxed and peaceful.  She is wearing a gown with flowers on it which can represent blooming or growing something.  This card can imply pregnancy or giving birth to something.  She is wearing a crown with 11 stars on it which can represent the 11 main planets used in astrology.  The Sun, Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  You
The Hierophant-Tarot card meaning
In the Hierophant tarot card, you see a priest, which is a religious figurehead sitting between two pillars in a temple. He wears a 3 tired crown that represents the unconscious, conscious, and connection to God.  You can see he has  2 people bowing before, representing his followers.  The keys represent the conscious and the unconscious and unlock the mysteries of life.  Below you can find the Hierophant tarot card meanings for upright and reverse.
The Lovers-Tarot card meaning
In the Lovers tarot card, you see Adam and Eve standing under an angel in a Garden representing the garden of Eden.  Behind Eve you see an apple tree which is connected to the story from the Bible representing temptations, which can pull us away from our connection to God.  The snake can represent our fears, change, evil, and temptations.  Behind Adam, you see a tree of flames.  There are 12 flames which can represent
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