Sun conjunct Aldebaran

Sun Conjunct Aldebaran

Sun Conjunct AldebaranOn May 30 the Sun is conjunct Aldebaran in Human Design Gate 16.5.

Aldebaran is a star of new beginnings.  Aldebaran was one of the four royal stars. It is the energy of fresh new beginnings.

The royal stars are considered some of the most powerful.  Royal stars always require a test to make sure you are true to your value.  If you fail you will lose, but if you are in alignment it can create great success.  Aldebaran is said to bring fortune and gain of wealth but can be short-term wealth.

When the Sun is conjunct Aldebaran we can start taking action and create new beginnings for ourselves.  This conjunction can also bring about things related to military action, health issues, and aggressive action.  It can create revolution, restlessness, and rioting behavior.  Take an extra step to be careful and make wise choices for your future.  Be honest with yourself, make choices that are in alignment with your goals and dreams and you will create success.

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