Spiritual Healing

In the beginning, Ancient Healing was composed primarily of Medicine Men, Shamans, Witch Doctors, and the like, many of which have no technical term for their position. There are however many commonalities of their existences.  As a general rule, they were always very revered and sometimes held in awe and superstition by the members of the community. The Healers also tended to be the priests as well as the healers. There was no separation of
The Need for Spiritual Discipline in Our Lives
In today’s world, we hear it said many times that this world is falling apart due to natural destruction and man-made destruction. We have ourselves inundated with it in all forms of the media, TV, Radio, newspaper, even in our break and lunchtimes at work, our supposed “downtime”. We hear it at home, work, and the ride to and from all of these places. There is no more destruction or mans’ inhumanity to a man
No healing ever takes place by chance nor does “Nature’, without reason, overcome the trouble, for every change within us (and every change that takes place in the universe) is the result of law-governed forces. If this were not so, science could not advance, for there might always come the unknown factor to upset calculations.  Therefore it may be helpful to restate the general rules that govern spiritual healing. They are:  1. There must always
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