Intuitive Human Design by the Hour




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This is a great option for intuitive guidance based on your Human Design and Evolutionary Astrology charts. This is a recorded session with an Intuitive pre-session audio.

How this works is your Soul connects with my Intuitive Spirit as I tap into your energy through your Human Design and Astrology charts. I have unconscious Mars & SN in channel 13/33 which I call the Channel of the Confidante and Akasha. My Vocation is 13, The Fellowship of Man & Listening. As I Retreat (33) and Listen (13) your Soul connects with the Spirit within me.

When I look at and share about your Human Design chart, I go below the surface to include your variables, color, tone & sometimes base, depending on both on the accuracy of your time of birth and the guidance of my Intuitive Spirit listening to your Soul. I may also intuitively include other calculations.

As always, check-in with your inner authority before investing in any of my services. If you are emotionally defined, please give yourself time to make sure it’s a yes for you. If you have any questions before investing, shoot me an email. References upon request.

*At this time I am only offering phone sessions to US, Canada & Mexico residents.

Denise Rolland