Paris Hilton Human Design Astrology

Paris Hilton Human Design Astrology

Paris Hilton Human Design AstrologyI came across the video The Real Story of Paris Hilton and it really spoke to the truth of her Human Design chart.  Paris Hilton has her Earth, Moon, and North Node in Leo in the 9th house.  In astrology, the 9th house is the house connected to being on camera.  Paris talks about how she has been photographed and on camera since she was a little kid and she has never been photographed in the same outfit twice.  Paris used her 9th house Leo placement to be on TV shows like The Simple Life, My New BFF, Bottoms Up, and the Paparazzi Princess. She played these off so well, no one would have ever known the true Paris Hilton experience.  Paris used the Leo entrepreneurial energy to also build a perfume and skincare brand.  Paris mentioned that she travels over 250 days a year.  The 9th house is also connected to long-distance travel and she is a Sagittarius rising.  Sagittarius loves to travel.  

Her Earth is in Human Design Gate 29 which is the gate of commitment.  She has committed her life to her career, traveling, being famous, and being on camera.  These are connected to the 9th house and Leo.  Her Earth is on the cusp of the 10th house, which is why her career is so important to her.  Her 10th house is Virgo, which can be why she is hard on herself.  I wish she saw the beauty in all she has done.  Sometimes Virgos can feel like they are never good enough.  She has far exceeded what most can accomplish in a lifetime and if she sees this article I hope she can see how beautiful she is and how she is enough just being herself. 

Paris Hilton Human Design Astrology ChartHer North Node is in Gate 33 and it is often said that people with Human Design Gate 33 have more things happen in one day than most people have happened in an entire month. Leo is also connected with being the socialite and Paris talks about how when she moved to New York how she got a fake ID and got addicted to the nightlife.  She said, “This is where I really became Paris.”  With her Earth, Moon, and North Node in Leo and her Sun in the 3rd house, this is where she found her community and her sense of belonging.  Leo can represent friends, fun, dating, socialite, and owning your own business. 

When she got into the party scene in New York her mom sent her to and outdoor wilderness program to try to get her to stop partying.  The ad talks about it being a place for children who need a change of attitude. Paris described it as an emotional growth school with lots of hard labor and it was boot camp style.  She tried to run away from the camp and they beat her up in front of everyone.  This appears to be Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Libra in the 11th house.   Libra is the sign of the law and sadly she was an example to everyone at the camp (11th house/large groups of people) about what would happen if anyone else tried to escape.  Libra can be a people pleaser and can worry about what other people think.  The 11th house is connected to large groups of people.  In Human Design, Gate 48 is the fear of not being good enough and Gate 18 can be the fear of not being perfect.  She also has Pluto in Gate 32, which is the fear of failure.  Paris mentioned that when she was younger she would sometimes panic when she got around large groups of people (11th house) and she would have to tell herself to just breathe.   She also mentioned how she has a reoccurring nightmare and she showed handcuffs in the video.  She has 3 planets in Libra, which is connected to the law.  I feel she has a big fear around disappointing people to the point someone comes after her and can also be connected to the past trauma she dealt with.  She has her unconscious Mercury in Human Design Gate 44.  Mercury is what we think about and Gate 44 is the fear of the past repeating itself.

Her Mars is in Gate 37, which is the gate of family, friendship, and support and it is in the 4th house, which is connected to home and family, so her family may be a sensitive spot for her. Gate 37 is Pisces, which can be sensitive.  Mars is the planet of aggression.  She mentioned her mom treats her like a child, which can represent the tension that Mars creates in this Gate.   Her mom talked about her being the Cinderella or Disney Princess with all the diamonds.  Her Mars is in the 4th house, which can represent the mother’s connection and her 4th house is Pisces, which is the sign that can be very imaginative.  Her mother talked about how brilliant she is, but puts on this show.  The moon in a person’s chart also represents the mother.  Her Moon is in Leo, which is the sign of fame.  Mars in the 4th house created the tension between her mother, fun and fame.  Her Mars in Gate 37 in the 4th house created a lot of conflict with her family and made her unable to trust them and she didn’t feel supported. She talked about the last boarding school her parents sent her to made her take medication.  Pisces can often be connected to drugs and you can see a lot of pain/anger as she talks about how she was forced to take medication.  She was fighting (Mars) against taking the medication (Pisces) by finding a way to pretend to take it.  Her sister also talked about how she told her parents everything she did wrong, which created that Mars anger and frustration.  This also probably plays a role in the 3rd house Aquarius, social distancing from her sister.

This placement can make it hard for her to have a family and feel supported.  I hope someday she finds a sense of family that makes her feel supported.  Based on her chart, her sister and her online fans will bring her the most sense of love and support.  

She mentioned how her mind won’t stop running.  Her Mercury is in Human Design Gate 30, which has intense desires, but it also is a Gate that can oftentimes become burned out.  Mercury is connected with the way a person thinks and speaks.  I can see in the video how tired she is as she says she got 3 hours of sleep and her sister said she walked in and saw her making a post on Instagram at 6 a.m. after going to bed late the night before.

Her Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in the 3rd house, and from the video, you can see that her sister shines love into her life and is the person she confides in. The 3rd house can represent siblings, Mercury is communication and Venus represents love.  Paris and her sister probably have a very close bond even though they may actually be distant from each other because Aquarius can be aloof.

Her Chiron is in Gate 2, which is the energy for feeling supported or not.  She has it in her 6th house, which is connected to enemies, work, and self-improvement.  Human Design Gate 2 is Taurus, which is connected with possessions.  I would also say she probably carries some wounds around her work.  She appears to feel alone.  She has all the money anyone could ever want, thanks to her work, but all of her friends are on social media and behind a camera, online or looking at her in a photo.  

Paris talked about the sex tape that was released to the public in her youth and how she doesn’t trust men because of that incident.  She has Scorpio in her 12th house.  Scorpio is the sign of deep personal connections and the 12th house is the house where we can have the deepest pain.  This incident as well as other deep relationships have probably brought her deep pain, which is why she has kept her relationships on a surface level.  I can see how this placement in her chart would make it difficult for her to trust people.  Scorpio is also connected to secrets.  I am sure she created this video because of all of the secrets about who Paris really was brought her a lot of pain.

She has her South Node, Mercury, and Venus in Aquarius.  Aquarius is connected with virtual reality.  She mentioned in the video as she watches on her phone, how seeing the crowds of people make her feel loved.  She then proceeded to make a video for all her fans for social media to share her product launch.  Aquarius is how she shows and feels love and it connects with her community (3rd house), through social distancing, virtual reality, social media, and the internet.  She mentioned at one point that she normally spends 16 hours looking at her phone based on an app.  I wish she would allow herself to love that about herself.  She was designed to be loved and to communicate with the online world.

She said the best part about life is being in love.  That is the Leo in her chart speaking.  Leo is connected to dating.  She is also a Sagittarius rising.  Sagittarius loves to have their freedom.  She would probably be really happy dating because that gave her a lot of freedom.  If she decides to have a boyfriend it would be healthy for them to travel together, share experiences, text each other, call each other, and allow each other the freedom and space they both desire.  This has the love of sharing experiences, freedom, love, fun, and travel desires.  Not everyone is designed to get married.  Her boyfriend in the video said that she does more for her work than she does for him and she said “I know, I can’t say no, that’s why I’ve been in this industry so long.”  That is her Earth in the Gate 29.  Gate 29 is Leo, which is the sign of dating, which is why her boyfriend was jealous, but her Gate 29 is in the 9th house, which is connected to media and that is very important to her.  Any guy that dates her needs to understand how important being on camera, her DJing and social media fans are to her.  Libra is the sign of love and laws.  It may help if her boyfriend doesn’t come to her jobs with her because the Libra energy can come out more, which can make her more nervous or serious.  Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Libra can bring up feelings of tough love and losing control in love.  All she wants to be is love, with the Earth, Moon, and North Node, so it can create a sense of restriction when she is trying to express the Leo energy.

Paris said that she comes alive at night time.  According to the birth time I have, she was born at party time and that’s when she is the happiest.  She mentioned when she is DJing a room she feels so alive and feels the love.  That is where her heart is.  She could give up all the businesses and DJ all the time and it would probably make her the happiest person.  With the DJing, she has the virtual reality of controlling the music, speaking love through the microphone, the Leo of being famous, fun, kidlike, and romantic.  It carries the energy of being supportive and sensitive to the sounds of being in the room as well as the imaginative piece the music brings alive, the Libra sense of being in control of the rules, and the freedom to travel and DJ at locations all over the world.  

I am so impressed by how she is living her design so well and has handled all the fear Gates as well as all of the Leo energy for being famous, being on camera all the time, and in the news.  

I am so proud of Paris Hilton coming forward to talk about her past.  She is a perfect example of someone who teaches not to let you can overcome your past and not let it define you.  Her Sun is the Gate of a strong desire and it is in the 3rd house of community.  Her earth is Gate 29, the gate of commitment, and it’s really the commitment to let kids be kids and not let this happen to other kids.  She is standing up for the support she didn’t have. She is fighting to get kids the support they need by supporting the Breaking Code Silence.  

Human Design teaches us that we are perfectly made.  We all have a purpose.  I am proud of Paris Hilton for speaking about her wounds.  By speaking up about our wounds we can help others who have dealt with similar issues and try to find solutions to prevent future pain around the world.  Send love to Paris.  She is a beautiful person and I hope she can see what an amazing person she really is.

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