New Human Design Chart calculations

New Astrology Human Design Chart calculation methods and charts

New Astrology Human Design Chart calculation methods and charts Did you know there are five different Astrology Human Design Chart calculation methods you can use on Genetic Matrix?  Did you also know you can use these new Astrology Human Design chart calculation methods with the Gene Keys chart?  You can also use the different chart calculations with the Health Manifested Human Design chart, Astro Gene Keys chart, and HD Astro chart.  You can use it with any chart on Genetic Matrix.  There are so many charts to choose from.

The five different Astrology Human Design chart calculation methods are Tropical, Sidereal, 13 Sign Sidereal, True Sidereal Kanatas, and True Sidereal Chimenti.  You can also go to the “Other Charts” section and choose the chart design you prefer.  There is the Genetic Matrix chart, the Health Manifested (HM) Quantum, Health Manifested (HM) Quantum + Astro, which I call the HD Astro chart, the HM Gene Keys chart, which I like to call the Astro Gene Keys chart.  You can also find the more traditional Gene Keys chart under Foundation charts and Gene Keys.

New Astrology Human Design Chart calculation methods and chartsYou can easily change the chart calculations in the first pull-down menu under the chart name.

The astrologer Athen Chimenti uses a custom Ayanamsa that uses the fixed start Beta Aries (Sharantan).  It is set to occupy 2 Aries 15 in the True Sidereal zodiac.  Chimenti’s system seems to be more consistent with the traditional constellation boundaries.  These are the zodiac dates based on the Chimenti system.  He also accounts for the overlap between the constellations.  He believes this is a more accurate system.  Chimenti also recommends when a planet is within 3 degrees of 2 signs it is best to look at the description of both zodiac meanings.

Athen Chimenti also offer a True Sidereal Report and E-reading that will give you a wealth of knowledge.  This link will give you 30% off the report.

Chimenti’s system days and signs

Aries (April 21 – May 12)
Taurus (May 13 – June 19)
Gemini (June 20 – July 16)
Cancer (July 17 – August 6)
Leo (August 7 – September 14)
Virgo (September 15 – November 3)
Libra ( November 4 – November 22)
Scorpio (November 23 – December 6)
Ophiuchus (December 7 – December 18)
Sagittarius (December 19 – January 19th)
Capricorn January 20 – February 13)
Aquarius (February 14 – March 9)
Pisces (March 10 – April 20)

Vasilis Kanatas incorporated the constellation of Ophiuchus.  Based on Kanatas the Sun travels around the zodiac in varying numbers of days.  You can see the number of days in each sign below.

Kanatas Number of days in each Sign

Aries: 25.5 days
Taurus: 38.2 days
Gemini: 29.3 days
Cancer: 21.1 days
Leo: 36.9 days
Virgo: 44.5 days
Libra: 21.1 days
Scorpio: 8.4 days
Ophiuchus: 18.4 days
Sagittarius: 33.6 days
Capricorn: 27.4 days
Aquarius: 23.9 days
Pisces: 37.7 days

You can purchase Vasilis Kanatas’s book to learn more here.

You can learn more about other charts Genetic Matrix offers here.  You can learn more about Sidereal and True Sidereal here.

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