Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra - Moon in LIbra Transit - Moon in LIbra Natal

Moon in Libra - Moon in LIbra Transit - Moon in LIbra NatalMoon in Libra Transit

Libra is a sign that is intellectual and is more in the head.  This is a good time to slow down.  This can be a good time to let things come to you instead of forcing things.  Libra likes to think and talk things through.  When the Moon is in Libra we can feel like we need more time to think things through and can be more indecisive.  It can be a good time to weigh things out before making any major decisions.  During this time we can get a better understanding of what balance is and how we can create more balance in our life.  Libra is a relationship sign and ruled by Venus.  When the Moon is transiting in Libra we may be talking with people to work things out in relationships and talk with the ones we love.

The Moon stays in Libra for about 2 1/2 days.  While the Moon is in Libra it will travel through Human Design Gate 46, starting with Gate 46.2, and travels through Human Design Gate 18, Human Design Gate 48, Human Design Gate 57, Human Design Gate 32, and Human Design Gate 50.  The Moon stays in Libra until it leaves Human Design Gate 50.4, and then enters Scorpio.  If you are new to Human Design you can learn more about what a Human Design Gate is here.  If you are sensitive to the moon cycles and understand Human Design it is helpful to follow the Human Design moon transits.

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Moon in Libra Natal

Someone with their Natal Moon in Libra has a need for partnerships and friendships.  They will need contact with people.  Their moods will change based on the relationships in their life.  They really have to talk to sort things out.  They are willing to compromise in relationships to create peace.  They feel most secure when they have people around them.  They sort out their feelings by talking to others.  They can move from one emotion to another faster than others.  They care about what others think about them.  They like their relationships to look great.  They like to share their home with others and invite people to their home.  They like their home life to be peaceful and balanced.  They tend to have a sophisticated look.  Arguments are exhausting to them.  They can be very indecisive.  They need to feel like an equal.

They usually love relationships.  They are usually very romantic people.  They are not jealous or obsessive.  They enjoy good company.  They love to be fair.  They like to resolve issues.  They like people based on harmony and peace.  They have a mentality that everyone deserves happiness.  They are very peaceful loving people.  They are very mellow and calm.  They need harmony in their relationships.  They are often great at acting, fashion, home decor, and designing.

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