Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer - Moon in Cancer Transit - Moon in Cancer Natal

Moon in Cancer - Moon in Cancer Transit - Moon in Cancer NatalMoon in Cancer Transit

The Moon is at home in Cancer.  When the Moon is transiting in Cancer we may feel the need to go inward and look at our emotions.  When the Moon in Cancer transits it is naturally at the bottom of the chart, which shows that is more personal energy.  When the moon is in Cancer you can feel more private and personal about your emotions.  This can also be a time when you may be working out things related to your home and family.  Cancer is connected to your foundation.  This is a great time to work on creating a foundation that helps you feel grounded, safe, and secure.  Cancer is often seen as a sign of how you see yourself.  While the moon is in Cancer allow yourself time to pamper yourself and tap into your intuition.

The Moon stays in Cancer for about 2 1/2 days.  While the moon is in Cancer it will travel through Human Design Gate 15, starting with Gate 15.2, and travels through Human Design Gate 52, Human Design Gate 39, Human Design Gate 53, Human Design Gate 62, and Human Design Gate 56.  The Moon stays in Cancer until it leaves Human Design Gate 56.4, and then enters Leo.  If you are new to Human Design you can learn more about what a Human Design Gate is here.  If you are sensitive to the moon cycles and understand Human Design it is helpful to follow the Human Design moon transits.

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Moon in Cancer Natal

This is one of the strongest positions for the moon in a natal chart.  They are more in the flow of life.  People with the moon in Cancer in their natal chart will be very intuitive.  They tend to be very compassionate and nurturing.  They can worry about the ones they love.  They may not show how much they love.  If they are hurt by someone they usually won’t show it.  They can have a wild imagination.  This energy will have a strong need for having a family.  This placement has the potential to take everything very personally.  They are usually very sensitive.

People with their Natal Moon in Cancer guard their homes and feelings.  They protect their feelings and enjoy nurturing other people. They show their true caring side when they feel safe.  When they are young they wear their heart on their sleeve and as they get older they stop sharing their emotions with others.  They can be very creative.  They want to feel nurtured.   They want to be appreciated and like appreciating others.  They look for an environment and people that provide a safe place for them.  They like a steady income.  They are usually in relationships with a partner that is older than them.  The relationship can feel business-like and less emotionally supportive.  They do desire emotional support.

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