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Learn Gene KeysIf you would like to learn the energies we live in, the Gene Keys/Human Design Gates, I would highly recommend signing up for Genetic Matrix.  Genetic Matrix is a Human Design website that shows when the Gates/Gene Keys are transiting with the Automated Human Design Calendar you can also go to my Human Design Calendar page and find the current week to discover what Human Design Gate/Gene Key we are currently in.  Once you know what Human Design Gate/Gene Key is transiting, I would highly recommend reading about the Gate/Gene Key in the Gene Key book.  Start reading about the following Gene Key when we are currently in the 6th line of the previous Gene Key.  As the following 6 days transit, watch as the people around you live out the energy.  This will give you a lot of personal insight and experiences of how the energy presents itself.

Make sure get your Free Human Design chart, Free Astro Gene Keys chart and check out our other Gene Keys and Human Design articles.  Also, check out our Human Design Gates articles to learn more about the energies.  You can also check out how to Learn Human Design.

If you would like to get your Free Astro Gene Keys chart you can go here to learn How to Read the Astro Gene Keys Chart.  You can learn more about the Gene Keys courses and Gene Keys books here.

If you are a Gene Keys guru or Human Design Specialist and you would like to get more exposure, promote yourself, and grow with us and would like to offer readings, articles, or services in your own unique way let’s team-up.

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