Law of Attraction

Attitude of Gratitude
Having an Attitude of Gratitude can really transform your life.  Gratitude has been shown to promote physical health. It has been shown to help lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and make people feel better.  It has been shown to improve sleep.  A great way to help you sleep is to count your blessings instead of sheep.  Gratitude has been shown to strengthen relationships.  People who feel often feel more connected with the people
How to make a vision board-that-works
Vision boards work and can be developed over time.  As we evolve our desires change.  What you may want today may be different tomorrow.  Play around with what you truly desire in your heart and with time your true desires will shine through. Let your feelings be your guide.  Focus on what brings you joy.  You can let astrology and Human Design give you more guidance to what brings you joy, but you know in
You are powerful
Do you believe you are powerful?  We are all powerful.  Look within yourself.   The first step in becoming powerful is to think you are powerful.  Have you ever heard of the book, “Think and Grow Rich or the Master Key System?”  Our thoughts are powerful.  In order to accomplish your goals it is important to understand the Universal laws.  Some people call one of the Universal laws “Give to Receive.”  When you give something to the
The 12 spiritual laws are a set of principles that can be used to guide and inform one’s spiritual growth and understanding. These laws are often seen as universal truths that apply to all people, regardless of their cultural or religious background. Understanding and incorporating these laws into one’s life can help to bring about a sense of inner peace and harmony, and can also help to promote personal growth and development. List of Spiritual