Intro to Multidimensional Human Design

Intro to Multidimensional Human- esign

Intro to Multidimensional Human- esignThe 8 main Multidimensional Human Design charts encompass the Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Biological bodies created by Eleanor Haspel-Portner. They are composed of 2 pre-natal & 2 post-natal Solar charts and 2 pre-natal & 2 post-natal Lunar charts, totaling 8 charts. There are 30 charts total, however, I’ll be sharing about the 4 Layers, which include the 8 charts, that show the dominant Way of Being.

As with any Human Design-based chart, having an accurate time is very important when utilizing the Multidimensional charts on Genetic Matrix.

This article is based on Noble Sciences Eleanor Haspel-Portner’s research she did for Ra Uru Hu. The only other person in Human Design that I know that uses the Multidimensional charts is Kim Gould at Love Your Design. Her Multidimensional Course will be out later this year.

Mental Waking World

First up is our Mental Waking World and how we interact within it. The mental world is our most conscious of the four layers making it pretty powerful. This mental world includes your regular human design, which is the pre-solar chart, along with the post-solar chart. For me, it added a gate that formed a channel which created a definition of the Will Center in my human design chart. This has proved to me the validity of Eleanor’s work as this has been my personal life experience. I’ve always had Willpower so when I learned about the undefined Will Center, it did not resonate with my experience growing up. Even my parents have validated this and my whole Human Design chart, you can check out my Human Design Post Solar Layer article for further reading.

Dream World

Next up is our Dream World and Spiritual drive towards expression in the world. These include the pre-natal and post-natal Lunar charts. Have you ever wondered why archaeological digs often find evidence of similar concepts, advances, symbols, etc., emerging at a similar time across geographically isolated cultures? We are all tapping into the same collective unconscious archetypes and symbols when we’re asleep and, if course, through the ethers aka Akasha. Einstein, Tesla, and others have spoken of how they’ve received information through the ethers. I experience this myself and attribute it to my 13/33 channel of the Akasha, as I call it. To me, that channel goes from the Prodigal to the Confidante to the Akasha. My personal experience is that my Spiritual drive is Joy and way before learning Human Design, I was told that I have the Mark of Joy. So it is cool when these things can be validated. My Dreams are mostly filled with Ideas along with processing daily things and ideas. Eleanor said that this world connects you to your highest purpose and often gives you a sense of “destiny.”

I’m in the process of learning how I experience the next two Layers, the Emotional World, which includes the pre-natal & post-natal Solar Minute charts, and the Physical World, which includes the pre-natal & post-natal Lunar Minute charts, so I’ll let excerpts from her book, Cosmic Secrets – A Key to Self Discovery, take it from here.

“In Noble Sciences, the Emotional World is connected to the Angelic realm. This is because when we experience higher forms of emotions spiritual connection can occur and we can receive inspiration and insight that can be brought into conscious experience. This is the world that gives you meaning in your life. Knowledge and mastery of your emotional functioning offer you the capacity to rise above the momentary reactivity of life and find pathways that connect you to your Higher Self.

You live in a physical body that operates from the moment of your conception. Your body is influenced by your experiences, but it too has influence over different aspects of your existence. Though you are always well aware that you have a body, you may sometimes disconnect from your body’s intelligence and your cognitive mind. The Hormonal/Physical Regulator of your body determines your physiology, its chemistry, and timing. By understanding information in your physical world, you can better know how your body regulates and affects your health. You can learn where and how you are vulnerable and how to optimize your health.”

Why the 8 charts?

“The uniqueness of your own chemistry was influenced over a critical six-month period spanning the last trimester of pregnancy and the first three months of your life. During this time, your cognition (awareness) was activated in accord with your development in all four layers of being. To feel balanced and whole, you must come into alignment both as a unique person and as part of the greater whole.”

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