Human Design Gate 64

While a planet is transiting in Human Design Gate 64 also known as Gene Key 64, we can feel confused or have the potential to see the bigger picture.  It can be an energy of imitating others.  We can feel more poetic, imaginative and envision a bigger picture.  Although we can imitate people, we can take time to sit in the confusion to help us create our own vision through imagination.  During this time allow yourself to see the truth and let go of the confusion or need to figure it all out.

As I write about Human Design Gate I find it funny that this is the last Gate article out of the 64 gates.  When I started this journey I couldn’t see the big picture.  Now I look back on all 64 gates, having written the articles as the energy transited.  I watched the people around me live out the energies, which showed the truth of Human Design.  The confusion has lifted.  I would like to invite you to see the big picture through the lens of your own experiences.  Learn the energies.  You will see the truth.  Make sure to check out other articles on Human Design to help you on your journey.  Remember to have fun with it.

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