Human Design Gate 49

Human Design Gate 49 is the Gate of Revolution.  While Human Design Gate 49 also known as Gene Key 49 is transiting we are being asked if we are ready to create a revolution in our lives and evolve to the next level.  This is emotional energy that has the potential to react.  Make sure you remember while this energy is transiting who is on your team.  Who has been there for you?  Make sure you don’t cut people out of your life that are good for you because of an emotional reaction or fear of rejection.  Also, know that some people are not part of our path and can’t help us reach our goals and during this time we may become more aware of this.  What steps can you take during this time to create a radical change that can improve your world and the world around you?  Is there something that needs to fall away to create something better?  Change takes time and sometimes we need a new beginning to reach our goals.

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