Human Design for Dummies

Human Design for Dummies

Human Design for DummiesHuman Design Report

For anyone new to Human Design and looking for the Human Design for Dummies version I would highly recommend purchasing a Human Design report.  In the Human Design Report, you will get a custom Human Design report in PDF format and it includes your Human Design chart. It goes into the aspects of the chart. In the beginning, it describes how to read the chart.  It shows the difference between the design and the personality side.  It talks about the symbols, the gates, and the lines.  It talks about the bodygraph.  The report includes your profile and breaks it down into the lines and their description.  It includes information about your type and definition.  It has an easy to read description of your Incarnation Cross. It then describes each center whether it is defined or undefined.  The report gives an explanation of what that means and how you may experience it. The Human Design report then describes each Planet and what it means and how the planet plays a role in the Gate.  After the Planet the Gate the planet is in is listed and gives a nice description of each gate and how you may experience the energy including high and low expressions of the gates.  The report also includes Chiron, which is the planet where we can have wounding in our life to help you understand what energy you are designed to conquer before the ages of 48-50.  This report really is a personal experience of “Human Design for Dummies.”  It makes is simple.  No need to search for all the information.

Learning Human Design

Even though the Human Design Report is the one-stop-shop for understanding yourself or someone you love or work with There are other ways of learning Human Design.   You can also check out the articles I have on the transiting Human Design Gates or check to see the current transits to learn more.  I also have an article just about Human Design with lots of links to help you on your journey.  Also make sure to get your Free Human Design chart before your start your journey.


I would also recommend getting your Free Human Design Chart prior to digging in.

Why Human Design

Human Design is helpful in better understanding yourself, your personality traits, both unconscious and conscious.  It helps you learn about traits you carry that are great and where you can grow. Human Design can also be useful when looking at qualities you carry that can be useful when looking for a new career path. It helps you see how you experience the world. It shows where you have the potential to take in the energies around you and where you have consistent traits. It is also a helpful tool for understanding relationships.

P.S. No one is a dummy, just looking for answers.  I am here to help.

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