Human Design Astrology Saturn Return Chart

Human Design Astrology Saturn Return Chart

Would you like to see your Saturn return chart with a twist?  I would highly recommend checking out the Astrology Saturn Return chart with the Human Design Gates.  Just like with the Human Design Astrology Solar Return, the Human Design Astrology Wheel and Human Design Astrology transits chart, you can use the Saturn return chart to see your first, second and 3rd Saturn return.

Saturn returns in our life can be a doozy and understanding the energy ahead of time can make your Saturn return much easier.  Awareness is very useful.  Having the Human Design Gates along with the houses and aspects really gives you more insight into understanding the chart.  If you are a Human Design Guru or an Astrologer you may really enjoy the combination.

If you aren’ t a Human Design Guru or Astrologer, let me give you an insight into Saturn.  Saturn is the planet that is the great teacher.  It is something we learn over time.  Saturn stays in a sign for around 2 1/2 years and teachers us lots of lessons related to that sign.  Saturn is often considered the planet of struggle.  The goals is to deeply understand the energy and aspects you have to your Saturn in order to conquer and learn the lessons of Saturn.  When you learn these lessons, your Saturn returns are much easier and you are more prepared.  I would highly recommend learning more about your Saturn return by signing up for Genetic Matrix membership service to see, when it is going to happen, what Human Design Gate it is in and the aspects to Saturn to help you on your journey to make life’s little bumps a little easier.

I would also recommend checking out tother features Genetic Matrix offers here.  You can also learn more Human Design Basics and learn about the Human Design Gates.

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