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Human-Design-Astrology-Relocation-ChartsAre you a member of Genetic Matrix?  If so, there are now Human Design Astrology relocation charts. Astrocartography is a very popular tool in astrology and this is a similar tool.  These charts use maps.  With Human Design, the information for planetary placements do not change.  The change of information on the chart is based on the changes of location using the houses, Ascendant (AC), Descendant (DC), the Midheaven (MC), and the Imum Coeli (IC).

These charts are designed to show the difference between the natal placement compared to the relocated placement.

Create your chart

To find this chart click on Create Chart and scroll to the bottom where you see the bright pink buttons.  There you will find the Astro HD Relocation Chart.  Select the chart you want to use and the calculations you want to use.  Then select the Country and type in the City for Relocation and hit Submit.  The coordinates will automatically populate and show you the chart relocation information.  You will see the person’s HD Astro chart on the left and the relocation information on the right.  The planetary placements and Gates and lines do not change.  You will see the house placements change as well as the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant and Imum Coeli.

Sample Human Design Astrology Relocation Chart

In the example shown here, you can see this person was born in the Phillippines and she moved to Pineville, North Carolina.  You can see that her house placements did a 180-degree swap.  Her Natal Sun is in the 8th house but when she moved to North Carolina her Sun placement shows it is in the 2nd house.  When She moved to Pineville North Carolina her money situation became significantly improved.  She grew up in the Phillippeans with her parents and son and they didn’t have much money.

Now that she lives in Pineville, North Carolina she lives in a 3 story beautiful home in a very nice neighborhood with the best school system around.  You can see when she lived in the Phillippines her Ascendent is showing Libra.  She had to help support her family and be very fair and had to sacrifice a lot of her own goals for her family.  All the money she made she gave to her family while living in the Philippians.  You see her IC is Capricorn and the IC is the 4th house Cusp and she had to work for her family.

When she moved to Pineville, North Carolina you can see her Ascendant became Aries rising.  She became a fitness coach and started her own gym.  Her Midheaven which is your career is Capricorn and this lady is a very very very hard worker and her work is very important to her.  She also had her IC become Cancer as she moved to North Carolina and shortly after she moved there her son was able to move from the Phillippeans to North Carolina to permanently live in the United States.  Her son also lives with her.

As you can see with the Human Design Astrology relocation chart when you move this can affect your rising sign.  It is also helpful to look at your natal rising sign when using Astrology, but it is helpful to see how moving to a different location can change your whole how life and the way in which you experience it.

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