How to make a vision board that works

How to make a vision board-that-works

How to make a vision board-that-worksVision boards work and can be developed over time.  As we evolve our desires change.  What you may want today may be different tomorrow.  Play around with what you truly desire in your heart and with time your true desires will shine through.

Let your feelings be your guide.  Focus on what brings you joy.  You can let astrology and Human Design give you more guidance to what brings you joy, but you know in your heart what you really desire.  Open up to the possibilities and believe your dreams can come true.

We all want different things.  We are all designed differently.  Believe your desires are part of your bigger purpose and plan.  Believe there is enough to go around and that your desires will be met.

There are multiple different approaches to creating a vision board.  You can create a vision book, you can create a vision board on a poster board.  If you want to create a vision book, a 3-ring binder and the photo page refill organizers work great.  Post pictures on your walls or refrigerator.  You can print pictures from the computer, draw pictures or cut out pictures from magazines.  Get some crayons and or colored pencils.  Have fun with it. You can get techie with it and create a powerpoint presentation with images of what you want and set the timer and upload it to YouTube. and then you can watch your vision board from your phone, computer or show a friend.  You can also put it on auto replay by right-clicking the video and selecting loop.  This is a sample vision board video.  Another option is to tape the images to your ceiling, so when you wake up every morning the first thing you see when you wake up is your goals and desires.  The most important part is getting the images where you will see them and remind yourself of your goals and dreams.

Keys for how to make a vision board that works


As I mentioned above you can put your vision board on your refrigerator or a wall.  It can be your wallpaper on your computer.  You can have it replaying over and over on your SmartTV or computer.   The goal with a vision-board is to put it where you will see it over and over until it is imprinted into your subconscious.  You can set a time every day to look at your vision board.  If you created a book you can sit down and meditate on it.  Visualize it.  Dream it and believe it.  Seeing it often is important, so your goals stay on your mind.  Actively visualize what it is you want.


Another important factor when thinking about where to put your goals and visions is making sure to put them in a place where you are at peace.  You don’t want to put them some place that creates frustration for you.  Associate your dreams with happiness, gratitude and joy.  You want to feel gratitude every time you see them.  The goal is to feel the gratitude as if you already have your goals.  It is important to get into the vibration of having it.  Remember to feel gratitude for the small things and they will bring you closer and closer to your dreams and you will reach your goals faster.  When someone helps you reach your goals remember to say thank you.  When you feel that nudge or insight from God that helps you on your path remember to send out a thank you.


Remember that what is best for you will unfold.  Trust in divine timing.  If something is not unfolding for you remember that there may be something better for you.  Patience is very important.  Things take time.  Lessons and action are part of accomplishing our goals and dreams.  We are fortunate to have time on our hands.  It allows us to become clear and make sure what we desire is really what we want.  Trust in the process.


Believe your desires are right for you.  If someone doesn’t resonate with your dreams and questions you that’s ok.  Trust your dreams are correct for you.  We all are designed differently and have different goals.  Don’t let others opinions stop you from your dreams.  There is no need to explain yourself.  Trust you are uniquely you and your desires are for you.  Believe you are worthy of your dreams.


Sometimes a vision board isn’t even necessary.  We are all using these techniques unconsciously.  What are you seeing and doing on a regular basis that is filling your mind and time?  If you want something new and better, surround yourself with what you love, brings your joy and gratitude.  What you focus on expands.  Focus on your desires and watch them grow.

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