Horse Symbolism

horse symbolism

horse symbolismHorses can symbolize not giving up easily.  When they were first domesticated they did not want to give up their freedom and sometimes when a horse is being raised there is a need for proof of loyalty and commitment before a horse will trust someone with all their heart.  Horses are known for their determination.  They are known for plowing, tourism, carriages, and horse racing.  They can be known for getting the job done because they never give up.

Horses are a symbol of determination.  For some determination can be seen as bad, but for others it is good.  Always see the beauty in the gift.   Determination can be seen as stubborn.  Determination and stubbornness can be seen as successful and often lead to success.  Determination and stubbornness can teach us the difference between working smart and working hard.  Determination can also lead to financial independence.”

Determination can also teach optimism and faith.  Are you focusing on the obstacles versus having faith?  Are you focusing on the goal or the obstacle?  Do you believe where there is a will there is a way?

Horses are often seen as symbolic for Sagittarius.

Horse Symbolism Keywords:

  • Freedom
  • Running Free
  • Exploring
  • Racing
  • Traveling
  • Determination
  • Endurance
  • Beauty
  • Free Spirit

With freedom, you can dream and set goals to make your dreams come true.  Horses are very brave and don’t even know how brave they are because they won’t back down.  Can you see the beauty the horse brings and its symbolism?  Make sure to check out other symbolism articles.

If horses are your spirit animal and you enjoy the symbolism the horse brings you may enjoy getting a horse pendant, horse wind chimes, a horse night light, a horse blanket, horse lights, or even bathroom decor.

Can you see the beauty and meaning the horse brings and its symbolism?  Make sure to check out other symbolism articles.

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