HD Astro Sun and Earth Explanation

HD Astro Sun and Earth Explanation

When you look at an HD Astro chart you may think to yourself, what does all this mean?  How does it work?  This chart is jam-packed with information to expand upon the already amazing system of Human Design.  It incorporates the Human Design system with the Astrology symbols and the house system to help a person better understand how the Gate expresses itself in a deeper and more profound way.

Without digging deep into the entire chart, I would like to look at the Sun and the Earth of this chart to show you how this house system helps expand upon a person’s experience of the Gate.

HD Astro Sun and Earth Explanation

Here I have the Sun and Earth of a really great friend of mine.  He is amazing at managing money.  He has a net worth of over a million dollars and he is only 44 years old at the time of writing this article.  Gate 21 is often referred to as the money manager.  The 6th house has to do with debt, service, work, and health.  His unconscious Earth is Gate 38.6.  This is often referred to as the Gate of the fighter and misunderstandings and his Earth is the Gate of Provocation and specifically the troubleshooter and let’s not forget his Earth is the Gate of depth.  The Gate of depth is someone who oftentimes never thinks they know enough and they always love to learn more.  They usually enjoy reading and have more books than they can ever read.

Now that we understand the Gates, let’s look at the house again.  HD Astro Sun ExplanationThe conscious Sun is in Gate 21, the Gate of managing resources.  The managing resources is often related to work because it is in the 6th house.  His unconscious Sun is in the 10th house of career as the fighter and misunderstandings.  His Earth is in the Gate that with time becomes a wealth of knowledge in the 12th house.  The 12th house usually can be related to alone time and Gate 48.4 is the Gate of restructuring.  His unconscious Earth is in Gate 39.6, the Gate of provocation and troubleshooting in the 4th house of home and family.

Now I would like to tell you about this person’s career and how it plays into his chart.  This person does not believe in Human Design or Astrology.  He jokes with me about it all the time.  The Gate 39 can be quite the comedian.  This person is really high up in a web development company.  He manages the resources (21.4) needed to program content for the company he works for.  He is the lead on his team and works really well with people.  4th line people often enjoy working with others.  His Sun mentioned earlier is the 6th house of career and he climbed the ladder to success in his career very quickly.  He has even been offered positions by Facebook and other very well to do companies.  If you look at the symbol between the Gate and the House you can see that this is an Aries energy.  Aries are go-getters, they are action-oriented and are considered the warrior.  If someone owes this person money (Gate 21) he makes sure he gets his money.

HD Astro Unconscious Sun ExplanationNow let’s look at his unconscious Sun again.  His Unconscious Sun is in Gate 38.6, the Gate of the fighter and misunderstandings.  This is in the 10th house of career.  Unconsciously for his career, he fights with solving complex programming issues and he fixes issues all day.  He really enjoys this.  As a matter of fact, he has 2 full-time jobs programming and troubleshooting/misunderstandings.  It is truly a passion of his and I believe this is a really high expression of the Gate of the fighter.  As I mentioned the 10th house is our career, but it is also our life’s work, where we are determined, our achievements and expertise and he has done extremely well with this ability to troubleshoot.  This is a Capricorn energy and Capricorn is all about responsibility, work, achievements, and expertise.  He is definitely an expert in his field!  He was designed for this!

HD Astro Conscious EarthNow let’s look at his Earth.  His conscious Earth is in Gate 48.4.   This is the Gate of depth and restructuring.  He knows countless programming languages and knows more than most when it comes to the programming language he uses.  The programming he uses, Ruby on Rails changes and evolves quite often which can often require code to be edited and “restructured.”  This is a Libra energy and it is all about agreements, business, and relationships. He is very professional in his agreements with business partners.  He has Gate 48 in his 12th house which can be the house of someone who enjoys their alone time and when he works he really enjoys being alone.

HD Astro Unconscious EarthNow let’s add in the unconscious Earth in Gate 39.6 in the 4th house.  The Gate 39 can have many different layers to it but I am going to continue to focus on how this affects this person’s career.  He really enjoys problem solving and troubleshooting.  The 4th house is all about home and family and coincidentally he works from home.  So, he troubleshoots all day at home.  I have also watched him talk with coworkers and they would ask for his help and he would always give them just a little tidbit of information to help them, but not all that they needed to know to solve the problem.  He enjoys making people struggle a little bit.  He thinks it helps them grow as a programmer.   He provokes them to fight a little bit with it themselves.  He also taught me how to program and I can say he didn’t make it easy, but I sure learned a lot.  This is Cancer energy which has a lot to do with feelings, emotions, and privacy.  He is private about his home life as well, which is one reason I am not mentioning his name.

So, in short, this person is really great at managing resources, specifically around work.  He enjoys being in control and being at the top of his game in his career.  He enjoys fighting in a sense when it comes to his career, specifically around troubleshooting and problem solving and really loves that he gets to work from home.  He really is a wealth of knowledge and uses it best when he is alone.

If you would like to see a more in-depth explanation of how to read the HD Astro chart, check out the video I created or visit the Celebrity Astro HD readings for more examples.

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