Gene Keys and Human Design

Human Design and Gene Keys

Human Design and Gene KeysGene Keys and Human Design are both very similar in a lot of ways but are presented in different ways.  Human Design was originally created by Ra Uru Hu.  Gene Keys is a branch of Human Design.  Richard Rudd asked Ra Uru Hu if he could teach a version of Human Design he wanted to call Gene Keys and that is how Gene Keys started.  Richard Rudd studied many forms of philosophy prior to learning Human Design and developed Gene Keys, but Human Design was the basis for it.  You can learn about the Human Design Gates here.  The articles are written based on Human Design, but the information is the same basic teaches as Gene Keys.  If you are interested in learning when the Human Design Gates or Gene Keys transit you can use the Human Design Calendars to follow along with them.  You can also purchase a Pro Membership with Genetic Matrix to get your Astro Gene Keys chart, Gene Keys Profile, Human Design chart or follow along with the transiting energy with the automated Human Design Calendar.  You can also get your free Astro Gene Keys chart and your Human Design chart here.

Human Design

If you are wanting to learn the Human Design Basics, you can learn more about it here.  First, you want to get your Free Human Design chart.  Once you have that, you can find articles to help you learn the Gates/Gene Keys easily without much investment. You can also find resources, like Human Design Books the difference between Human Design and Gene Keys. You can also learn things like what Human Design is, what Human Design Type you are, the Human Design Planets, Human Design Circuitry, and more. You can also find out more about how to learn Human Design from professionals.

Gene Keys

If you want to learn more about the Gene Keys basics, you can learn more here.  First, you want to get your free Astro Gene Keys chart.  Once you get that, head over to the Gene Keys basics section to learn more about Gene Keys.  There you can learn how to read the Astro Gene Keys chart, how to learn the Gene Keys, and how to read the Gene Keys profile.  You can also learn things like the difference between Human Design, Gene Keys and Astrology and find resources on Gene Keys courses and Gene Keys books.

If you want to make Human Design and Gene Keys a serious focus in your life I would highly recommend learning more about Human Design and Gene Keys software that you can use as you learn.

If you are a Gene Keys guru or Human Design Specialist and you would like to get more exposure, promote yourself, and grow with us and would like to offer readings, articles, or services in your own unique way let’s team-up.

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