BEyond Human Design

Darwin's Genetic Determinism in Human Design
I do not adhere to the ideas of Darwin’s genetic determinism in Human Design as presented by Ra. It’s alright that this was his perspective, it’s not mine. I clearly see the flaw in Human Design is based on genetic determinism within our definition, also known as our nature in Human Design. We are not fixed within our genetics with no choice. What is correct along these lines in Human Design is how important our
Is Human Design a Cult and Dogmatic
The question “Is Human Design a Cult and Dogmatic” has come into my awareness 3 times this week. The third time is always a spark for me to look at what is coming up in my awareness. A cult is defined as a group of people with extreme dedication to a certain leader or set of beliefs or ideals. Dogma is defined as a principle or statement of ideas, or a group of such principles
Intro to Multidimensional Human- esign
The 8 main Multidimensional Human Design charts encompass the Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Biological bodies created by Eleanor Haspel-Portner. They are composed of 2 pre-natal & 2 post-natal Solar charts and 2 pre-natal & 2 post-natal Lunar charts, totaling 8 charts. There are 30 charts total, however, I’ll be sharing about the 4 Layers, which include the 8 charts, that show the dominant Way of Being. As with any Human Design-based chart, having an accurate
Playing with the Human Design Personality Nodes
I like playing with the Human Design Personality Nodes. Over the last few years, I have noticed 4 interesting and fun ways to play with our personality nodes. One of those ways is to read them as the Human Design Incarnation Cross to better understand the people in your environment as well as your life trajectory. Some people, especially those with Base 1 personality Sun/Earth, relate more to the nodal cross. I have Base 1
The Human Design Post Solar Layer
I use a more holistic view of your Human Design “Mental World” by adding a post solar calculation. The Human Design Post Solar Layer is like the Design calculation only this one is 88° after your birth, which covers the first approximately 3 months of your life and the transiting planets. Why use an added Human Design Post Solar layer? According to Eleanor Haspel-Portner in her book, ‘Cosmic Secrets A Key to Self Discovery‘: “The
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