Balloon Symbolism

balloon symbolism

balloon symbolismBalloons have many forms of symbolism. Hot air balloons rise in the sky as the hot air expands.    In this case we a balloon can indicate aspirations, goals, and ambitions.  This is also the case if the balloon is filled with helium.  It rises.  This can also indicate being overconfident or arrogant.

If the balloon falls it can indicate feeling depressed, undervalued or in a more difficult situation.

Blowing up a balloon can be associated with reconnecting with a relationship.

When a balloon pops you can feel a sense of disappointment or dissatisfaction.

Balloon Symbolism Keywords:

  • Hope
  • Expansion
  • Ambitions
  • Goals
  • Rising
  • Overconfident
  • Arrogant
  • Reconnecting
  • Disappointment

Can you see the beauty the balloon brings and its symbolism?  Make sure to check out other symbolism articles.

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