Automated Human Design Calendar

Automated Human Deign Calendar

I quit manually creating the Human Design Calendars in February 2020.  For several years I created the calendars manually as you can see in the February 2020 Human Design Calendar.  I worked with Genetic Matrix and they developed an automated Human Design calendar system.  The calendar is part of the membership service.  This is a sample calendar for March 2020 showing you what the automated calendar looks like.  This allowed me to work on other things and grow my business.  I am so thankful for this calendar.  I do include the monthly calendars in the transit emails.

The chart system is custom to the user.  You can hit the down arrow next to the first name listed and select a calendar for each chart.  You can also select a monthly view, daily view, and weekly view as seen in the images below.  To the right, you can see the date.  You can select a date from the past or future to see what transits are coming or have gone.  In the bottom right box where it says UTC -5, you can select your time zone.  You can also have the timezone set automatically in your “My account settings.”  You can also select which house system you want to use.  I highly recommend the Whole House system, but you can play around with it and see what you resonate with most.

Monthly Human Design Calendar

Below is a sample of the Monthly Human Design Calendar.  There are monthly, weekly, and daily Human Design calendars.  I like to print out the monthly Human Design calendar and put it on my refrigerator.    It is great for a quick glance at what is going on in the cosmos.

All of the Human Design calendars include the gates and lines. The planets that are lighter/dimmed are the planets that are not personally impacting the person selected.  The Rx symbol on the calendar shows if a planet or nodes are retrograde.  The large numbers that you see in all calendars the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are the lines.

It is very helpful to know what line we are currently in, to best plan out your week.  1st line days are great for doing research, asking questions, and creating a plan.  2nd line days are days we can be called out to do something by someone we know.   3rd line days are days that we can have more trial and error around the theme of the gate, we should try to be more careful, and aren’t ideal days for flying.  4th line days are great days for shopping and people tend to be friendlier on these days.  5th line days can have more projection.  They can be great days for something practical related to the theme of the gate.  6th line days are great days to rest, relax, and reflect on the past week and coming week.  We tend to be more aloof during the 6th line.  Get your Human Design Calendar here.

You can search for the calendar you are looking for by typing it in or scrolling through the list.

Monthly Human Design Calendar


You can click on the gray circle to learn more information about each gate and the line below the calendar as a paid member.

Learn more about the Gates and Lines


Weekly Human Design Calendar

This is a sample of the Weekly Human Design Calendar.  As you can see the weekly view goes into a lot of detail. The weekly view also shows the channels that are activated for the day on a personal level and a cosmic level.  The bottom part of the weekly calendar shows the time of when a planet moves into the next gate.

Weekly Human Design Calendar

Daily Human Design Calendar

Now let’s look at the Daily Human Design calendar.  The daily view is really great to print out and keep notes.  It shows the gate, line, and keywords for the transiting gates.  This is really great for anyone, but especially Reflectors.  The daily Human Design calendar shows how the transits affect the personal chart selected.  It shows the channels created based on the transiting planets.  It also shows each planet that changes gates and the time it happens.

This Human Design calendar is so useful in so many ways.  The monthly calendar is great for a quick glance.  You can print any of these calendars out.  I also really enjoy the daily calendars.  I like to use it to keep track of my personal experience with the gates and what happened that day, like a journal.  There are future plans for the daily calendar to have a text area where you can keep a log of your experience for that day, but for now, you can print it out and keep a log yourself.Daily-Human-Design-Calendar

To see the calendar in action check out this video I created.


You can also click around on the different planets, gates, and lines for more information and insight.  This calendar can also be found on the Genetic Matrix app for iPhone and Android.  In the near future, there will be phone notifications when planets move into a new gate and if it activates a center in your chart.  Genetic Matrix is always expanding its services.  You will hear more about Genetic Matrix in future articles.

Since writing this article there have been other additions to the pro membership.  Make sure to check out the Moon activations pdf that is now included as part of the Human Design calendar.

I highly recommend Genetic Matrix.  They have tons of charts, the automated Human Design Calendar, educational references, and more.  Sign up today to get your personalized Human Design Calendar and more.

If you want to find the basic Human Design chart with the Sun, Earth, and Nodes, make sure to check out the other Human Design Calendars.  I would also highly recommend checking out other charts offered by Genetic Matrix.  It is an amazing service and very affordable.

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