Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

Having an Attitude of Gratitude can really transform your life.  Gratitude has been shown to promote physical health. It has been shown to help lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and make people feel better.  It has been shown to improve sleep.  A great way to help you sleep is to count your blessings instead of sheep.  Gratitude has been shown to strengthen relationships.  People who feel often feel more connected with the people who show appreciation.  People who are more grateful tend to also be more generous and compassionate.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone?”  It’s so easy to forget to look at all the things we are grateful for.  We can get so used to having them that when we lose them realize how special every little thing or person was to us.  It is helpful to take time out of each day and see what you can be grateful for.  It’s important to tell the people you are grateful for them now while you can.  What are you grateful for now?  Being grateful is something that happens when you are present in the moment.  What are you grateful for at this moment?  Allow yourself to stop thinking and doing several times a day to allow yourself the time to take a step back and look at what you are grateful for at that moment.

If you are into the law of attraction, remember that the number thing in manifesting your dreams is first being grateful for what you have.

Who can you show gratitude to today?  Let’s pay it forward.  Try to keep an attitude of Gratitude.  I highly recommend the book, The Gratitude Diaries to get you motivated on your journey of having an attitude of gratitude.  You can also download your free Gratitude Journal below.

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